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Creating an Interactive Slideshow
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turn it off. That’s because you want a self-running presentation to keep going for
as long as people are around to watch it.
3. In the “Advance slides” section, make sure the “Using timings, if present”
Now your presentation will run all by itself. The next time you start it up, it will
advance automatically and keep playing until you press Esc to stop it.
Creating an Interactive Slideshow
It’s common to create a presentation that you distribute to others, by email (page
681) or on a CD (page 683), so they can go through the slideshow at their own pace.
In this scenario, the viewer moves from slide to slide, taking her time on this slide or
zipping past that one; clicking its links (or not), maybe jumping back to take another
look at an earlier slide. It’s all up to the viewer.
When you set up the slideshow to run this way, it appears in Reading view (page
558), which shows the status bar at the bottom of the screen. The lower-left slide
controls don’t appear. Instead, viewers can use the status bar’s Previous, Next, and
Menu buttons to move through the slideshow. (The Menu button opens a navigation
menu that lets the viewer move to the next or previous slide or to any slide or section
in the presentation.)
Also, a viewer-run slideshow doesn’t let the viewer mark up the slides. If a viewer
right-clicks a slide, Pointer Options don’t appear on the shortcut menu. Same goes
for Screen Options: Viewers can’t black out or white out the screen during the show.
Tip: The box on page 684 shares tips for creating a good viewer-run presentation.
Here’s how to make a slideshow viewer-run:
1. OpenthepresentationandselectSlideShow SetUpSlideShow(Alt,S,S).
The Set Up Show dialog box (Figure 24-8) appears.
2. Inthe“Showtype”section,turnontheradiobuttonlabeled“Browsedbyan
The first setting tells PowerPoint to run the slideshow in Reading view. The
second turns off automatic transitions, letting viewers move through the slideshow
at their own pace.
3. Adjustanyothersettingsyouwantforthisslideshow.
For example, you might want to select a custom version of the slideshow, limit
the slides shown, or turn off narration.
4. Whenyoursettingslookgood,clickOK.
PowerPoint makes the presentation viewer-run.
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