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Sharing Your Presentation
Sharing Your
Use Recorded Timings and Narrations. This option gives you the most
control over your slideshow. If you’ve recorded narration and timings, pick
4. Whenyou’rehappywithyoursettings,clickCreateVideo.
PowerPoint creates the video as a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file and opens
the Save As dialog box.
5. TellPowerPointwhereyouwanttosavethevideo.
Now you can play your new video on a media player, burn it to a DVD, attach it
to an email, or post it to a website.
Figure 24-12:
Go Backstage to turn
your slideshow into
a video. Choose a
resolution based on
how people will view
the video and tell
PowerPoint whether to use
your recorded timings
or to move to a new
slide after a certain
interval. When you’re
all set, click Create
Video (circled).
Check these settings
before you convert
to video.
Sharing Your Presentation
You can share a PowerPoint presentation in many of the same ways you can share
a Word document. Table 24-2 lists topics elsewhere in this topic related to sharing
Office files.
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