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Getting Started with Your First Database
Getting Started with
Your First Database
Figure 25-1:
This database is
named Bobblehead.
accdb. As you can see
by the file path below
the File Name box, it
will be saved in the
folder C:\Users\mat-
thew\Documents . You
can edit the file name
by typing in the File
Name box or browse
to a different folder
by clicking the folder
3. Chooseafolder.
Like all Office programs, Access assumes you want to store every file you create
in your personal Documents folder. If this isn’t what you want, click the folder
icon to show the File New Database dialog box, browse to the folder you want
(Figure 25-2), and then click OK.
4. Inthemiddleofthewindow,choose“Blankdatabase”.
When you choose to create a blank database, that’s exactly what you get—a
new, empty database file with no tables or other database objects. Starting from
scratch is the best way to learn about Access. It’s also the favorite choice of
database experts, who prefer to create everything themselves so it’s exactly the way
they like it. That said, you can click one of the other pictures under the Available
Templates heading to build a database based on a template. The box on page 691
has more about this approach.
5. ClickthebigCreatebutton(undertheFileNamebox).
Access creates your database file and then shows a datasheet where you can get
to work creating your first table.
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