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Searching with the Traditional Find and Replace Dialog Box
Finding and
Replacing Text
Ignore white-space characters. When turned on, this checkbox tells Word to
ignore spaces, tabs, paragraph marks, and other nonprinting characters in its
search, so a search for “rundown” would include “run down” in the results.
Turn on the checkbox of any option you want to apply to your search. If you want
your future searches to retain these options, click Set As Default. To use the settings
just for this session, click OK.
Figure 2-6:
Use the Find Options box to refine
your search.
Searching with the Traditional Find and Replace Dialog Box
If you prefer the familiar Find and Replace dialog box from previous versions of Word,
you can still search that way in Word 2010. To bring it up, just follow these steps:
1. ClickHome Find(Alt,H.FD,F).
Word opens the left-hand Navigation pane.
2. AttherightsideoftheSearchbox,clickthedownward-pointingarrowbeside
A shortcut menu appears.
3. SelectFind.
Word opens the Find and Replace dialog box, shown in Figure 2-7, with the
Find tab selected.
4. Typeinthewordorphraseyouwanttosearchfor,andthenclickFindNext.
Word jumps to the next match to your search term and highlights it.
5. Ifthisisthematchyouwant,clickCanceltoclosetheFindandReplacedialog
Word closes the Find and Replace box.
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