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Your First Database
5. Typeinanewname,andthenpressEnter.Returntostep4.
Repeat this process until you’ve cleaned up all the field names. The proper field
names for this example are Character, Manufacturer, PurchasePrice, and
DateAcquired. Figure 25-7 shows how it works.
Figure 25-6:
The only problem with
the example so far is
that as you enter a
new record, Access
creates spectacularly
useless field names.
You’ll see its choices
at the top of each
column (they’ll have
names like Field1,
Field2, Field3, and
so on). The problem
with using these
meaningless names is
that they might lead
you to enter a piece
of information in the
wrong place. You
could all too easily put
the purchase price in
the date column. To
prevent these slipups,
you need to set better
field names.
Figure 25-7:
To specify better field
names, double-click
the column title. Next,
type in the real field
name, and then press
Enter. In general it’s
best to stick to short,
text-only titles that
don’t include any
spaces, as shown
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