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Text Formatting: Font, Size, and Style
Text Formatting:
Font, Size, and Style
Tip: As you move through the document, the Search and Replace box jumps around quite a bit. So
you don’t have to keep repositioning the mouse pointer, use the keystroke combinations to move more
quickly through your document.
4. KeepclickingReplaceorFindNext(orpressingAlt+RorAlt+F).
When Word has found all instances of your search term, it shows a dialog box
that says, “Word has finished searching the document.”
5. ClickOK,andthenclickClose.
Word closes the Find and Replace dialog box.
Tip: Want to jump to a particular page? You can get there via either the Navigation pane or the Find and
Replace box. Open the Navigation pane (Home➝Find or Alt, H, FD, F) and click the down arrow on the
search box’s right side, then click Go To. Or select Home➝Replace (Alt, H, R); in the Find and Replace
dialog box, click the Go To tab. Type in the page number you want, click Next, and you’re there.
Text Formatting: Font, Size, and Style
Okay, so you’ve cut what needed cutting, moved those out-of-place passages to
where they made more sense, and changed all the main characters’ names once—
and then back again. Now it’s time to make all your text look as pretty as your prose
sounds. Word’s many formatting options let you control things like font style, size,
and color. Use its powers to emphasize certain words and phrases, to add special
effects, and to make your document attractive and easy to read.
The Home Tab’s Control Center
The Home tab’s Font section, shown in Figure 2-9, is the place to go if you’re looking
for every formatting option Word offers. First, select the text you want to format.
Then, click Home (or press Alt, H) to make the ribbon show these options:
Font (Alt, H, FF). Use this drop-down list to choose from the wide variety of
fonts that come preloaded in Word. Each font name in the menu appears in that
font’s style, so you get a preview of how your text will appear.
Font Size (Alt, H, FS). Click the arrow to choose a standard font size ranging
from 8 points to 72 points, or double-click inside the box and type in a different
Grow Font (Alt, H, FG). Click this button to increase the size of selected text.
The more you click, the bigger it gets.
Shrink Font (Alt, H, FK). Click this button to decrease the size of selected text,
all the way down to 1 point (which is pretty much illegible).
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