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Text Formatting: Font, Size, and Style
Text Formatting:
Font, Size, and Style
Figure 2-9:
The Home tab’s Font
section is where you
make formatting
choices for your
document’s text.
Change Case (Alt, H, 7). When you click this button, you get four choices:
Sentence case. This option capitalizes the first word of each sentence in the
selection, just like your fourth-grade teacher taught you in English.
Lower case. The I’m-too-cool-for-school special: Choose this to make every
letter in the selection lower case.
Upper case. Choose this to make every letter in the selection A CAPITAL
Capitalize each word. This option makes the first letter of each word
uppercase. (In previous versions of Word, this option was called “title case.”)
Toggle case. This option reverses the existing cases in the selection,
capitalizing lowercase letters and making capital letters lowercase.
Clear Formatting (Alt, H, E). Use this option to remove all formatting from
the selection.
Bold (Alt, H, 1 or Ctrl+B). This option makes the selection bold .
Italic (Alt, H, 2 or Ctrl+I). This option makes the selection italic .
Underline (Alt, H, 3 or Ctrl+U). This option adds underlining to the selection. If
you want to get fancy with dashed, wavy, or dotted lines or by making the
underlining a different color from the rest of the text, click the downward-pointing
arrow to the right of the button and make your selections from the menu that
Strikethrough (Alt, H, 4). This button puts a horizontal line through the
middle of your text, like this.
Subscript (Alt, H, 5). Handy for math and science writing, this option makes
the selected text smaller and drops it below other characters: H 2 O.
Superscript (Alt, H, 6). This shrinks the selected text and raises it above the
other characters, like this: E = MC 2 .
Text Effects (Alt, H, FT). Snazz up your text with outlining, shadows,
reflections, and glow effects in different colors. When you click this button, you get
a menu of choices, each one illustrated so you can see how the effect will look
before you apply it.
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