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Access Data Types
Figure 26-14:
In this example, ForResale
is a Yes/No field. A checked
checkbox represents Yes (or
True or On). An unchecked
checkbox represents No (or
False or Off).
Figure 26-15:
Click this hyperlink, and you’ll
head straight to the welcoming
arms of Office Online.
Note: Access doesn’t prevent you from entering values that aren’t hyperlinks in a Hyperlink data field.
This trait leads to problems if you click the hyperlink. If you put the text “saggy balloons” in a hyperlink
field and click it, then Access tries to send your browser to http://saggy balloons , which obviously
doesn’t work.
One hyperlink field feature isn’t immediately obvious. Hyperlink fields actually
store more than one piece of information. Every hyperlink includes these three
• The text you see in the cell.
• The text you see when you hover over the link with your mouse (the tooltip).
• The destination you go to when you click the cell (the URL or file path).
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