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Copy Formatting with Format Painter
Text Formatting:
Font, Size, and Style
Text Highlight Color (Alt, H, I). Just like the highlighting markers that
students use to draw attention to important passages in a textbook, this option
gives the selected text a colored background (click the down arrow to choose
the color you prefer).
Font Color (Alt, H, FC). Click this button to choose a color that makes the
selected text stand out.
Copy Formatting with Format Painter
It can take some work to format text: You make a selection and then keep clicking
buttons until you’ve got the font, size, color, and any extras you want. If you’ve got
some formatting just so in one section of your document and want that same
formatting elsewhere, save yourself a boatload of time by copying the formatting and
applying it where you want it. To do this, use Word’s Format Painter, which copies
just the formatting details of some text—not the text itself—and then “paints” that
formatting onto other text.
To use the Format Painter, follow these steps:
1. Selectthetextwhoseformattingyouwanttocopy.ThenclickHome Format
The mouse pointer changes to a cursor with a paintbrush, as shown in Figure 2-10.
2. Selectthetextwhoseformattingyouwanttochangebyclickinganddragging
Word changes the formatting of the text to match the formatting you copied.
Figure 2-10:
You can tell you’re
using Format Painter
because your cursor
changes to an I-bar
with a paintbrush.
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