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Quick Formatting with the Mini Toolbar
Text Formatting:
Font, Size, and Style
Tip: To copy the same formatting to several locations in your document, select the formatting you want
and then double-click the Format Painter button. Format Painter stays turned on until you press Esc, click
Format Painter again, or save your changes.
Quick Formatting with the Mini Toolbar
Word 2007 introduced the Mini Toolbar, a fast, on-the-spot way to format text
without having to click a tab and change the ribbon. When you select some text, an
almost-transparent toolbar appears just above it. As you move the mouse pointer
toward the toolbar, it solidifies (as shown in Figure 2-11) and you can click any of its
buttons to format the text. The options on the Mini Toolbar are those that people use
most commonly to format text (explained starting on page 47):
• Font
• Font Size
• Grow/Shrink Font
• Decrease/Increase Indent
• Bold
• Italic
• Underline
• Center
• Text Highlight Color
• Font Color
• Format Painter
The Mini Toolbar
Figure 2-11:
Use the Mini Toolbar
to format selected
text quickly.
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