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Formatting Power with Styles
Text Formatting:
Font, Size, and Style
Home, and choose a style from the Styles section. (You can also press Alt, H, L and
use the arrow buttons to move through the style options) As you move through the
menu from one style to the next, Word changes your selected text to match that style.
Click or press Enter to apply a style to your text.
Tip: To see all the styles you can apply to text in your document, open the Home tab and click the
popout button in the Styles section’s lower-right corner (Alt, H, FY) or press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S. This opens the
Styles pane, shown in Figure 2-13, which lists styles alphabetically by name. Apply any style by clicking it.
When you’re using a lot of styles in a document, you can work faster by keeping this window open and
quickly applying styles as you need them.
Figure 2-13:
The Styles pane lets you apply any style to your text with a single click.
Applying styles using style sets
The styles that appear in the Home tab’s Styles section or in the Styles pane all belong
to a style set —a group of predesigned and preformatted styles that work together to
give your document a unified look and feel. If your document looks a bit boring to
you, give it a makeover by dressing it up in a different style set.
To browse Word’s style sets, click Home Change Styles Style Set (Alt, H, G, Y).
This opens the menu shown in Figure 2-14. Each style has a name—Elegant, Fancy,
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