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Paragraph Formatting: Aligning, Indenting, Spacing
Formatting: Aligning,
Indenting, Spacing
3. Changethestyleset’scolorschemebyselectingHome ChangeStyles Colors
A menu appears that shows Word’s built-in color schemes. Use Live Preview to
see how the different schemes look. If you find one you like, click or press Enter
to apply it. Or select Create New Theme Colors to create your own color scheme.
(Page 182 goes into detail about how to customize theme colors in Word.)
4. Choose the fontsyouwant the style set touseby selectingHome Change
Styles Fonts(Alt,H,G,F).
The menu of built-in fonts shows both the name and a sample of each built-in
font group. As you browse the list, you get a preview of how each group of fonts
looks in the document. Select one (click or press Enter) or select Create New
Theme Fonts to choose the fonts you want to use for headings and body text,
creating your own font group.
5. Setparagraph spacingby clickingHome ChangeStyles
Going from tightest to most open, the options include compact, tight, open,
relaxed, and double. Choose one of these or select Custom Paragraph Spacing
to fine-tune the line and paragraph spacing (page 58) for this style.
6. Whenyou’refinished,clickHome ChangeStyles StyleSet SaveasQuick
A dialog box opens, asking you to name the style.
7. Typeyournewstyle’snameintothe“Filename”textbox,andthenclickSave.
Word saves your new style set and adds it to the menu of style sets, making it
easy to find the next time you want to use it.
Paragraph Formatting: Aligning, Indenting, Spacing
Ever wonder what it’d be like if books and other documents featured a single,
nevervarying, long block of text? It’s no picnic, which is why doing things like adjusting
a paragraph’s width, its line break style, and specially formatting its opening line all
make a huge difference in the reader’s experience. Your control center for such
matters is the Home tab’s Paragraph section, shown in Figure 2-15.
Indentation Sort
Figure 2-15:
The Home tab has
several buttons you
can use to format
paragraphs. If you’re not
sure what constitutes a
“paragraph” in Word,
click the “Show/hide
paragraph marks”
button to see where each
paragraph ends.
Bullets and numbering
Show/hide paragraph marks
Paragraph alignment
Line and paragraph spacing
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