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Indenting Paragraphs
Formatting: Aligning,
Indenting, Spacing
Indenting Paragraphs
Paragraphs don’t always need to line up evenly along the page’s left margin. This
section shows you how to tweak their appearance, if you’re so inclined.
Indenting the first line of a paragraph
Some document formats, such as manuscripts and academic reports, require that
the first line of each paragraph be indented. (This kind of indentation often goes
with double-spacing; page 58 shows you how to adjust line spacing within a
paragraph.) To indent the first line of a paragraph, use one of these methods:
The ruler. The ruler lets you manage indentation, tabs, and margins. To see
Word’s rulers (the horizontal ruler just below the ribbon and the vertical ruler
along the left side—shown in Figure 2-17)—click the View Ruler button just
above the vertical scroll bar. Or click View and, in the Show section, turn on the
Ruler checkbox (Alt, W, R). With the ruler displayed, set indentation by clicking
the First Line Indent marker and dragging it wherever you want. Do this with a
new, blank document to indent every paragraph as you type.
Figure 2-17:
To indent the first line of a
paragraph, use the ruler
or create a tab. Word has
several kinds of tab stops:
A left tab (shown here) sets
the start position of the
text; a center tab (which
looks like an upside-down
T) sets the position of the
text’s center; a right tab
(which looks like a mirror
reflection of a left tab) sets
the position of the text’s
right side—as you type, the
text moves left. A decimal
tab lines up numbers by
decimal point, and a bar
tab doesn’t position text—it
inserts a bar at the tab
First line indent marker
Tab button
Hanging indent marker (top)
Left indent marker (bottom)
Tabs. If you’re used to indenting paragraphs by hitting the Tab key at the start
of each new paragraph, you can use that method in Word. Display the ruler and
make sure that the Left Tab button (it looks like the letter L) appears at the left
side of the screen. If you see a different tab button, keep clicking it until you see
the L. (Those tab buttons that don’t look like an L? Figure 2-17 has the scoop.)
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