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Indenting Paragraphs
Formatting: Aligning,
Indenting, Spacing
Then click the horizontal ruler where you want to set the tab. A tab mark (which
also looks like the letter L) appears where you clicked. Now when you start a
new paragraph, pressing the Tab key makes the cursor jump to the spot where
you set the tab.
The Paragraph dialog box. If you find it hard to click and drag the ruler’s tiny
First Line Indent marker, try this method. On the Home tab, click the Paragraph
section’s lower-right pop-out button (Alt, H, PG) to open the Paragraph dialog
box, shown in Figure 2-18. In the Indentation section, click the Special
dropdown list and select “First line”. Word automatically sets the indentation to half
an inch; if you want, you can adjust the amount of indentation in the By box.
Click OK to indent the paragraph.
Tip: You can also change a paragraph’s indentation by using the Page Layout tab. Click Page Layout; in
the Paragraph section, change the number in the Left box (Alt, P, IL) to increase the indentation or the
Right box (Alt, P, IR) to decrease the indentation.
Indenting an entire paragraph
If you want to emphasize a paragraph by setting it off from the rest of the text, you
can indent it. Block quotations often get set off in this way.
To indent a paragraph, put the cursor in the paragraph you want to indent, and then
click Home Increase Indent (Alt, H, AI). The paragraph jumps five spaces to the
right—if that’s not indented enough, click the button or press the shortcut keys again.
If you want to get rid of a paragraph’s indentation, click Home Decrease Indent
(Alt, H, AO).
Tip: If you prefer, use the Paragraph dialog box (Figure 2-18) to indent an entire paragraph. Use the Left
and Right boxes to adjust the amount you want the paragraph indented on each side, and then click OK.
Creating a hanging indent
For this kind of indent, often used in bibliographies, only the first line of the
paragraph begins at the left margin, and subsequent lines are indented.
There are two ways to create a hanging indent:
To create a hanging indent using the ruler, display the ruler and drag its Hanging
Indent marker (shown in Figure 2-17) to the place where you want it. Release to
apply the hanging indent.
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