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Spacing Within a Paragraph
Formatting: Aligning,
Indenting, Spacing
To create a hanging indent using the Paragraph dialog box, open the dialog
box (on the Home tab, click the Paragraph section’s lower-right pop-out
button or press Alt, H, PG). In the Paragraph dialog box’s Indentation section
(shown in Figure 2-18), go to the Special drop-down list and select Hanging.
If you want, adjust the size of the indentation in the By box. Click OK to
indent your paragraph.
Figure 2-18:
The Paragraph dialog box lets you adjust a paragraph’s
indentation and spacing. At the bottom of the dialog box,
the Preview pane shows how your changes will look.
Spacing Within a Paragraph
You can make your document shorter, longer, or easier to read by adjusting the
spacing between a paragraph’s lines. If you like to print out a hard copy of a draft (read
Chapter 5 to learn about printing in Word) and edit it up with a red pen in hand, for
example, then you might want to use double or even triple spacing between lines.
Later, you can print out the final version with single or one-and-a-half spacing.
The Line and Paragraph Spacing button lives in the Home tab’s Paragraph section,
as shown back in Figure 2-15. To set the spacing for a particular paragraph, select
the one you want to adjust (or press Ctrl+A to select the whole document), and then
click Home Line and Paragraph Spacing (Alt, H, K). From the menu that opens,
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