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Creating a List
Working with Lists
Figure 2-20:
The Numbering
Library offers popular
numbering formats
for your lists. To
create your own, choose
Define New Number
To define a new list style, open the List Library menu and, at the bottom, click Define
New Multilevel List. The dialog box that opens gives you lots of choices for
designing your multilevel list, as Figure 2-22 shows:
Click level to modify. Select the level you want to change by clicking a number:
1 is the top level, and as the numbers increase, the levels decrease (so 9 is the
lowest level). In the pane to the right, you can see which level you’ve chosen on
a sample list.
Number format. In this section, choose the bullet or number style and font for
the level you’re working with.
Position. Here you tell Word how to position the bullet or number in relation
to the text, refining alignment and indentation. You can apply this position just
to the current level or to all levels in the list.
More. Click this button to define the list even further: You can apply changes to
just the level you’ve selected or to the whole list; link the list formatting to a style
(page 51); tell Word after which level to repeat your formatting; and specify
what follows the bullet or number (a tab, a space, or nothing).
After you’ve defined your list, click OK to apply your changes.
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