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Formatting a Document
Formatting a
Breaks (Alt, P, B). Breaks force Word to end one textual element (a page, a
column, a section, and so on) and start a new one. Position the cursor where
you want the break to occur, and then choose this button to insert one of these
Page (Alt, P, B, P) ends one page and begins the next page.
Column (Alt, P, B, C) ends one column and jumps to the top of the next
Text Wrapping (Alt, P, B, T) lets you create image or table captions on web
pages, keeping the captions separate from your document’s body text.
Tip: Page 205 tells you more about working with text and images on web pages.
Next Page (Alt, P, B, N) ends the current section and starts a new section
on a fresh page—useful for long documents.
Continuous (Alt, P, B, O) ends the current section and starts a new section
on the same page.
Even Page (Alt, P, B, E) ends the current section and starts a new section
on the next even-numbered page—handy when you’re going to print out
the document with facing pages, like a book.
Tip: Chapter 6 goes into detail about working with page breaks (page 155) and section breaks (page 156).
Line Numbers (Alt, P, LN). Use this button to insert a number in the left
margin next to each line in your document. You can number lines continuously or
restart numbering with each new page or section. If you’ve turned line
numbering on and want to turn it off for part of the document (such as a quotation or
a table), select the part you don’t want numbered and then use this button to
suppress numbering for the selection.
Hyphenation (Alt, P, H). This button tells Word how to handle words that are
too long to fit at the ends of their lines. Here are its options:
None (Alt, P, H, N) , which is the default, doesn’t hyphenate but puts the
long word at the beginning of the next line.
Automatic (Alt, P, H, U) is helpful when you’re working with a justified
(page 55) document and some of the lines have spaces between words that
look too wide. It lets Word fit the maximum number of characters on a line,
hyphenating long words instead of pushing them to the next line.
Manual (Alt, P, H, M) tells Word to search the document for words that
could be hyphenated and asks you to accept or reject hyphenation for each
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