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Using the Page Background Section
Formatting a
If you don’t see a color you like, follow step 1 above and then do this:
1. ClickMoreColors(pressMifyouhavekeyboardshortcutsturnedon).
The Colors dialog box opens, showing dozens of colors.
2. Clickacolortoselectit(orclicktheCustomtabtochoosefromevenmore
Word applies your custom color.
Tip: If you want to make a single paragraph pop by coloring just its background, use the Home tab’s
Shading button (shown back in Figure 2-15). Select the paragraph you want to emphasize, open the
Home tab, and, in the Paragraph section, click the down arrow next to the Shading button, which looks
like a can of paint tipping over (Alt, H, H). From the menu that opens, choose a color, and Word paints the
paragraph’s background the color you chose.
Adding patterns to page backgrounds
If you like a little texture or pattern with your background color, you can add that, too:
1. SelectPageLayout PageLayout FillEffects(Alt,P,PC,F).
The Fill Effects dialog box, shown in Figure 2-26, opens.
Figure 2-26:
Use the Fill Effects dialog box to add shading, texture, or a
pattern to a document’s background. If you want to add a
picture, your best bet is to use a watermark (page 68).
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