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Getting a sense of style
just a few clicks, without even leaving the fi rst page of your document. This gives
you so much creative freedom. It separates the content from the design, so that
you can change your mind about the design later, without introducing
inconsistencies and without having to plough through all your text to reformat your
headlines. All you need to do is make sure you apply the right styles to your content as
you add it to the newsletter.
You can use styles for much more than headlines; for example, you can
create standard styles for different types of article.
If you want to create your own new style, go to the Home ribbon, click the button
to open the Styles menu (indicated in Figure 3.6) and then click the New Style
button in the bottom left. This has an asterisk in the corner and no label, but if you
hover your mouse over it, a tip will pop up to tell you it’s the right button. You can
give your style a name and say which existing style you’d like to base it on.
Open Styles menu
Figure 3.6
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