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Laying out your text in columns
Laying out your text in columns
Wide expanses of text are hard to read, which is why magazines and newspapers
break the text up into columns. This is one of the simplest things you can do to
make your newsletter look professional and make it easier for people to read.
To lay a story out in columns, simply:
1. Select the story. You can select all of its paragraphs at the same time, but don’t
select the headline.
2. Click the Page Layout tab to reveal that part of the ribbon.
3. Click Columns in the Page Setup part of the ribbon (shown on Figure 3.5).
4. A menu will open with your column options. For your newsletter, choose two
or three columns.
You can also choose a layout of two uneven columns, by selecting Left or Right.
Microsoft has built so many features into Word that it even caters for people who
want their newsletters to look lopsided, it seems.
In this menu there is also an option for More Columns, which provides access to
the detailed column settings, as shown in Figure 3.7.
Figure 3.7
I wouldn’t recommend using more than three columns across an A4 page, but
these column settings also enable you to change the size of the columns. I found
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