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Arranging your images
In Word 2010, there are a number of artistic effects you can apply to your images,
and you can see these in Figure 3.9. The image in the top left corner is a photo I
inserted of a pumpkin. All the other versions are copies of the same photo, which
I transformed using the Artistic Effects button on the Picture Tools Format ribbon
(visible in Figure 3.8). Some of these effects smooth out the detail in an image so
that it works better as a background for text.
If your story fi nishes half way up the image, you need to move the text cursor
down so that your next story begins outside the picture. You can do that by adding
blank lines (pressing Enter) until the cursor is in the right place. If your story ends
near the bottom of the page, you can also insert a page break (on the Insert ribbon)
to force the next story to start on a new page. You can also use the keyboard
shortcut CTRL+Enter to force a page break. To see where the page breaks are in your
newsletter, use the show symbols button you learned about in Chapter 2 (see
Figure 2.4).
Figure 3.9
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