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Advanced layout options
Adding special effects to your pictures
The Picture Tools Format section of the ribbon has another trick up its sleeve:
picture styles you can use to give a more professional fi nish to your image. As you
can see in Figure 3.8, there are some quick picture styles that you can apply just
by clicking them. As with the Quick Styles you used for text, you can also click to
open up a menu with many more. The styles showcase a range of different borders
(some of which look like photo frames), refl ections, glow effects, shadows and 3D
effects. Beside the Quick Styles, there are menus for Picture Border and Picture
Effects, which you can use to create your own customised look.
If you plan to use these effects, you should do it as soon as you add an image.
They change the amount of space an image takes up, so they can affect how your
text fl ows and how your stories fi t on the page.
Have you ever seen a fi lm where they used so many explosions,
computergenerated collisions, helicopters, car chases and choreographed fi ghts that the
fi lm became unwatchable? Layer upon layer of special effects can be distracting.
There’s a lesson in this for your newsletter: by all means try out the picture styles
and have fun with them, but use them with restraint. It’s better to pick one style
and use it consistently than it is to try to fi t every available effect into your
If you want to remove effects again, use the Reset picture button. You fi nd it by
going to the Picture Tools Format tab of the ribbon, and looking in the Adjust
section on the left (the icon is indicated in Figure 3.8).
There is also a button you can use to rotate or fl ip your image, shown in Figure
3.8. It’s good design practice to have people in pictures facing towards the middle
of the page rather than looking out of the publication, so this feature can help you
achieve that. Look out for any writing or clocks in the background of the picture
that will give the game away!
Advanced layout options
Using everything you’ve learned in this chapter so far, you can create a slick
looking newsletter. But there are a few additional techniques that can add an extra
polish and help readers to understand where your stories begin and end.
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