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Advanced layout options
into using too much eye candy that ends up making readers feel a bit woozy. Keep
it simple. The default line width is 0.5 pt , but a good size might be from 1 pt to 3
pt, depending on how heavy you want the border to be.
In the preview section, you can see what your border will look like. You can also
turn the borders on each edge on or off by pressing the buttons around the
preview. The button to turn the right border on is indicated in Figure 3.11. So, using
these options, you can underline your headline in orange, put a box around it or
even put a box around a whole story.
The Shading tab enables you to change the background colour of the text you’ve
selected. This works differently to the tool for highlighting text in the Fonts section
of the Home ribbon. That tool will add background colour to your sentences,
leaving the spaces at the start and end of paragraphs white. By contrast, the Shading
tab will add background colour to the whole area the text occupies, including the
spaces at the end of paragraphs and between the text and the margin. This makes
it look like your text is in a coloured box. Don’t forget that this will have an impact
on your ink cartridge bill and might affect readability.
Remember, you can update your styles to apply the same borders and shading to
all similar text.
Turn right border on
Figure 3.11
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