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What else can you do?
Figure 3.14
What else can you do?
As you probably discovered in Chapter 2, there are some templates for
newsletters available in Word. If they work for you, feel free to use them. But the skills
you’ve acquired in this chapter will enable you to do a lot of other projects, too,
such as:
Create letterheaded paper: instead of getting a printshop to print reams of
headed paper, you can incorporate your logo and address details at the top of
your letter in Word, so that they print at the same time as the content of your
letter. You don’t have to pay for expensive stationery, and don’t have boxes of
letterheaded paper to trip over.
Design a picture book: now you know how to put words on top of pictures,
you could create a book of your photos or drawings that you’ve scanned in.
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