Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Styles enable you to save time changing the formatting and help to
enforce consistency in the design.
If you change the way a particular style looks, Word will reformat
any text that uses that style throughout the document.
The navigation pane and document map will help you to fi nd your
way around your newsletter.
You can search for key words – but take care not to use fi nd and
replace too broadly.
Themes are prepackaged design combinations.
Text in columns can be easier to read.
You can fl ow text around your images or put text on top of them.
Make sure your text remains legible when it’s on top of a picture.
The artistic effects can help by smoothing out detail in the image.
Use the special picture effects to add glow, refl ection or shadows to
your picture sparingly.
Use styles to change the spacing around headlines and stories
Use text boxes for short stories. Headlines in text boxes do not
appear in your document map or table of contents.
Word can automatically generate your table of contents, if you’ve
used heading styles in your document.
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