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Let’s recap with a quick quiz. There might be more than one correct answer to
these questions.
1. Before starting work on designing
your newsletter, you should:
4. You can use themes to:
(a) Apply a predefi ned set of text styles
and colours to your newsletter
(a) Gather all your stories and pictures
(b) Change where your pictures appear
on the page
(b) Set the page size correctly
(c) Add a giant text watermark
(c) Contain small chunks of text
(d) Yell: ‘Hold the front page’!
(d) Play a short burst of appropriate
music when you open your
2. The best time to change the spacing
in a story is:
(a) Any time
5. When you click the Wrap Text or Text
Wrapping button:
(b) Just after you’ve added it
(c) At the end of laying everything out
(a) Word will print your newsletter in red
and gold stripes, so you can use it for
(d) Never
(b) Word provides options for how your
text fl ows around an image or text box
3. Styles are great because:
(a) They help generate a table of contents
(c) Word compresses the spacing so
more text fi ts on a page
(b) They help you navigate your
(d) Word reads your newsletter out over
a hip-hop beat, saying ‘yo’! after each
(c) They can help you swap stories
(d) They help you change fonts quickly
and consistently
Q1 – a and b
– b Q2
– a, b, c, and d Q3
– a Q4
– b Q5
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