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Putting the headers into your address book
Putting the headers into your address book
This is slightly confusing, but Excel uses two terms that sound similar. Head ings
are the labels for rows and columns that appear in grey outside your spreadsheet
(shown in Figure 4.4). Head ers are what you type into your spreadsheet to describe
the contents in the same column or row.
Start by entering the column headers for your address book along the top row of your
spreadsheet. In the fi rst cell, type in ‘First Name’. When you type in a cell, you’ll see
a text cursor, similar to the one you saw in Word, which is used to show your place
in the cell. As you type, the text cursor will move along inside the cell (see Figure 4.4).
If you make a mistake, you can’t use the cursor keys to go back when you’re
entering text in the same way as you can when using Word, but I’ll show you how to
edit the contents of a cell later. For now, if you make a mistake, just tap the Esc key
on the keyboard and your text will be discarded. Then you can type it in again.
When you’ve fi nished typing the fi rst header, press the Tab key or right cursor key
on the keyboard (shown on Figure 0.1 in the Introduction). Your text cursor will
move to the next column, so that you can enter the next header. Type ‘Last Name’
in the next cell along, then keep adding the column titles until you have entered
all seven of them.
Column headings
Row headings
Figure 4.4
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