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Putting the headers into your address book
As in Word, you can use CTRL+A to select everything. You can also click the
Select All button shown in Figure 4.5.
When you select cells, your cursor will stretch to cover the range of cells. The cell you
started at will stay white, but the rest will have a blue tint, as shown in Figure 4.5.
Select All button
Alignment options
Figure 4.5
Select the cells containing your column headers. Click the Fill colour tool (see
Figure 4.6) to turn the cells yellow and then click the Bold button to make the text
bold (also shown in Figure 4.6). That should make your headers stand out nicely
once you’ve entered your data. You can use the formatting and colour controls to
change the appearance of any of the cells anywhere on your spreadsheet, and can
use the alignment options on the Home ribbon to change how content is aligned
inside a cell too (see Figure 4.5). These controls are similar to those you have used
in Word and could be used to centre your header over its column, for example.
Bold text
Fill colour
Figure 4.6
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