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Entering your friends into your address book
If you want to select cells that aren’t next to each other, hold down the CTRL
key on the keyboard and click on the different cells you’d like to select.
Entering your friends into your address book
Now that you’ve created your headers, it’s time to start fi lling in your spreadsheet.
This would be the perfect time to gather up all those scraps of paper, letters and
business cards that might contain your friends’ addresses at the moment. It really
doesn’t matter what order you enter people in, because you can let Excel do the
hard work of sorting alphabetically later on.
Position your cursor underneath the First Name header and type in the fi rst name
of your fi rst friend.
As you did with the headers, when you’ve fi nished typing the fi rst name, press the
Tab key or right cursor key on the keyboard (shown in Figure 0.1).
Don’t press the Enter key. That will move you down a row in the same
column – handy if you’re entering a list of numbers, but no use here.
Your cursor will move to the next column, so that you can enter the person’s last
name. Work your way across the spreadsheet, fi lling in the cells for street, city,
postcode, and country. It doesn’t matter if your text won’t fi t into the column. Your
street will probably be too long for the width of the cell, for example. In that case,
your text will look like it’s spilling over into the next cell, but it’s not really. When
you go to the next cell and start typing the city into it, it will now look as if the
name of the street has been chopped short. Fear not, however; it’s all still there
and the city is just overlapping it. Excel will keep everything you type into a cell,
it’s just that sometimes you might not be able to see it. A bit later, I’ll show you
how you can make the columns wide enough to see everything.
When you come to the phone number column, you need to do things slightly
differently. As you’ll learn in Chapter 5, Excel is good at maths so you don’t have to
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