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Figure 4.7
If you’ve already entered data into a column, Excel can work out exactly how
wide that column needs to be so that you can see everything clearly. If you
double-click on a column divider, it will snap to the width of the data. So, if you
double-click the divider between the headings for columns C and D, column C
will become just wide enough for the longest address you’ve entered.
If you struggle to hold the mouse button down, you can also adjust the column
widths by typing in values for them. On the Home tab of the ribbon, click Format
(shown in Figure 4.7), and a menu opens. The options include changing the width
of a column or height of a row. You’ll be asked to enter a number here, so you
might need to experiment a bit. The column width is usually 3.43, and about 12
is right for an address. All the cells in a column are always the same width (other-
wise it stops being a column and starts getting knobbly), so Excel will change the
width of all the cells in the same column as your cursor.
Try changing the width of the columns. It makes life much easier!
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