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Entering your friends into your address book
cell it’ll take you to a different cell entirely. Sometimes you won’t spot a mistake
until you’re working on a different cell. That means you need to know how to edit
what’s already in a cell.
There’s another reason it’s important to know how to edit cells: friends do have the
unfortunate habit of moving house and changing phone numbers, which means
you need to know how to update your records. (Unless you didn’t like them that
much and aren’t fussed about keeping in touch, I guess. In which case, see how
to delete people, later in this chapter.)
If you want to edit a cell, you can do one of two things:
Double-click the cell with your mouse pointer.
Put your cursor on the cell (using the mouse or cursor keys) and then press F2
on the keyboard.
When you do that, you enter a special editing mode that makes it easy to change
what’s in a cell. When you’re entering text, if you press a cursor key, you’ll move
to a different cell. In the editing mode, you can use the left and right cursor keys
to move within the cell’s content, so you can go back a few characters to delete a
word or add one, for example. You can use CTRL+up to jump to the start of a cell’s
content, and CTRL+down to jump to the end.
There are a couple of other ways you can change the content of a cell:
Click on it and then start typing something else. When you press Enter or
move to another cell, your new text will overwrite the cell’s old contents. If
you start typing something accidentally and want to keep what’s in the cell,
press the Esc key to cancel the overwriting.
When you click on a cell, its contents are also shown in the formula bar,
which is underneath the ribbon and indicated in Figure 4.7. The formula bar
stretches across most of the width of the screen, so when you’re dealing with
content that’s too long for the cell width, it’s much easier to see what you’re
doing here than it is in the middle of the spreadsheet. Click on the formula
bar, and you can edit its contents, moving through its contents and adding or
removing text. This is just another way to view what’s in the cell; any changes
you make here are made in the cell at the same time. If you decide to abandon
a change, just tap the Esc key.
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