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Entering your friends into your address book
If you can’t see everything in a cell, you can also click the bottom of the
formula bar, hold down the mouse button and move the mouse pointer
down. The formula bar will expand to multiple lines.
Copying cell contents to save time
You might want to input details for a cluster of people who all belong to the same
family, live in the same town and probably share the same surname. Having done
a few projects already, I’m sure your expectations have been raised and you
suspect you won’t have to type the same words repeatedly. You’re quite right: as with
Word, you can use copy and paste. The copy and paste controls look the same as
they do in Word. You’ll fi nd them in the Clipboard section of the Home ribbon,
shown on Figure 4.9. The same keyboard shortcuts apply too.
The easiest thing to do is copy the entire contents of a cell. Move your cursor to a cell
(click on it, for example), and then click the Copy button on the ribbon (or use
CTRL+C). Move your cursor to where you’d like to paste the cell contents, and then
click the Paste button, or use CTRL+V. You’ll see the cell contents have been copied.
This technique is ideal if you have two people with an exact match for one item,
such as the city or country. You can also use it to save time if two people have
mostly the same information in a cell – perhaps they live in the same street but at
different numbers. In that case, after pasting, you would edit the cell’s contents to
change the house number.
Often, you’ll have people who share a lot of details and will want to copy lots of
cells at the same time. Imagine you have two brothers who live at the same address
but have different phone numbers. (I can remember when phone numbers
belonged to a house, but now everybody has their own mobile phone, it seems.)
Nearly all the information (surname, street, city, postcode, country) would be the
same. Only the fi rst name and phone number would be different. What’s the most
effi cient way to use what you’ve already typed?
In my address book, I’ve already entered the details for Justin Case in row 5, and
now want to use that to make it easier to enter the information for his brother, Ed
Case. If you want to do something similar, follow these steps:
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