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Entering your friends into your address book
1. I could put Ed’s details at the end of the spreadsheet but I fi nd it easier to keep
them together so I want to insert a blank row for him, right underneath his
brother. Click the heading for row 6. The whole row will be selected.
2. Click the Insert button. This is in the Cells part of the Home ribbon, shown on
Figure 4.9. A new blank row will be added in row 6, and all the rows
underneath it will be moved down. You can see this in Figure 4.9.
3. Click the row heading for row 5, where Justin Case’s details are. This row will
now be selected, as shown in Figure 4.9.
4. Copy the row by clicking the Copy button on the ribbon or using CTRL+C.
5. Move the cursor to the start of row 6, using the mouse or cursor keys.
6. Paste using the Paste button on the ribbon or the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V.
7. There will now be two identical rows, one under the other. To change the fi rst
name to Ed, position the cursor on that cell and just start typing. Whatever is
typed will replace what’s already in the cell. The same applies to the phone
8. The cells you are copying from will remain selected with a dotted box, so you
could paste them multiple times if you wanted to. Press Escape to cancel that.
Take care where you position the cursor before pasting. If you put it in the
second column, for example, or on top of another entry, Excel will paste
anyway, but your pasted row will start in the wrong place.
If something goes wrong, you can easily fi x it. There are Undo controls in Excel
that work the same as those in Word. You can use the Undo button at the top left
(shown in Figure 4.9) or the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Z.
If you want to move a row instead of copying it, you can cut it (using the scissors
icon, or CTRL+X) instead of copying it and otherwise follow the steps above. This
will leave a blank line behind, but I’ll show you how to delete that next.
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