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Entering your friends into your address book
Deleting cell contents, rows and columns
Usually, you can experiment a bit with Microsoft Offi ce, and fi nd what you need.
The important buttons are well labelled, and do pretty much what you might
expect. But not the delete button. At least, not if you just expect it to clear a cell
for you.
If you click a cell, and then click the Delete button on the Home ribbon, it
will remove that cell entirely. As a result, all the cells underneath it will move
up a line.
What does that mean? Well, it means that everyone moves house. If you delete a
cell in the address column, all the addresses underneath will scroll up, and your
address book will be useless because it will have the wrong addresses against the
names. If you don’t spot errors like this immediately, they can take a long time to fi x.
To clear the contents of a cell, or a group of cells, select it and then press the
Delete or Backspace key on the keyboard. The contents of the cell will be
emptied, but all the cells will stay where they are.
To avoid confusion, I recommend you only use the Delete button on the ribbon if
you want to remove an entire row or an entire column. To do that, fi rst select the
row or column (click on its heading) and then click the Delete button on the
ribbon. That whole row or column will vanish, and the next row will move up or the
next column will move left to close the gap. Because there’s a risk your data could
be corrupted, as I explained earlier, make sure you check that it’s worked okay
immediately, and undo it if it has gone awry.
Showing the headers all the time
As you enter more and more people, you’ll fi nd that the fi rst row, which contains
the column headers, will scroll off the top of the screen. This can make it hard to
work out which column is which. If you’ve got a column for home phone and
mobile phone, for example, there’s a risk you’ll get them mixed up if you can’t see
the column header.
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