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Finding people in your address book
You can set it up so that the fi rst row never scrolls off the screen, so that you
can always see your headers. This is called freezing the pane. To do this, follow
these steps:
1. Click the View tab on the ribbon.
2. Click Freeze Panes on the ribbon in the Window section. A new menu will
open, as shown in Figure 4.10.
3. Click Freeze Top Row.
Figure 4.10
Now, when you scroll the spreadsheet, the top row will always stay in place, so
you can always understand what you’re looking at. To switch that off again, follow
steps 1 and 2 above, and then choose Unfreeze Panes.
Finding people in your address book
The point of typing all this data in, of course, is not to exercise our fi ngers but to
make it easier to fi nd people’s details. There are a few different techniques you can
use to organise your friends. And if you’ve ever spent 20 minutes trying to decide
with your friends what fi lm to watch or where to go for lunch, I’m sure you’ll agree
it’s much easier in Excel.
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