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Finding people in your address book
Searching for people
If there’s someone specifi c you want to know about, you can use Find, the same
as you did in Word. It takes two clicks of the mouse to do this (on the Home
ribbon, click Find & Select in the Editing section shown in Figure 4.11, and then
click Find). Many people fi nd it quicker to use CTRL+F.
A new window opens, where you can enter the word you would like to search for
and then click Find Next to jump to it in the spreadsheet. You can search for parts
of names or addresses too. You don’t have to type in the full cell contents to get it
to work.
Sorting your address book
You have probably entered your list of people as they’ve come to you, in random
order. Sorting your address book by surname makes it much more intuitive to
navigate and means you can fi nd people at a glance. This will be important when
you come to print it out. Sorting also brings families together, which is nice.
To sort your address book:
1. Click Sort & Filter on the Home tab of the ribbon, shown in Figure 4.11.
2. From the menu that opens, choose Custom Sort. Excel will select your data
3. The sort window shown in Figure 4.11 appears. Check that the tickbox at the
top right is ticked to say that your data has headers. Otherwise, the headers
will be sorted and mixed with your data as if they were names and addresses.
4. Beside where it says ‘Sort by’, click the pulldown menu. This will show your
headers. Choose ‘Last name’.
5. Click the Add Level button at the top. A new row will appear that enables you
to choose how people who have the same last name will be sorted. Choose
‘First name’, as I have in Figure 4.11.
6. You can ignore the menus for Sort On and Order. (If you wanted a reverse
alphabetical listing, you would change the Order pulldown menu so it reads
‘Z to A’.)
7. Click OK.
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