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Finding people in your address book
Figure 4.12
The Filter button at the top of the City column shows a funnel (shown in Figure
4.13), so you can see that the spreadsheet is being fi ltered by that column. To turn
the fi lter off again, click to open that menu and then click the tickbox for Select
All. You can also click the Sort & Filter button on the ribbon and click Filter on the
menu again to switch all the fi lters off.
You can use fi lters on different columns at the same time: for example, you could
fi lter by both last name and country if you wanted to see all the people from the
same family in Australia.
When you save your fi le, any fi lters that are on will be saved with it. That can be
confusing when you open it again and see that some of the data’s missing, so it’s
a good idea to remove any fi lters before you save the document.
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