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Printing your address book
Figure 4.13
Printing your address book
Having your address book on the computer is a great way to manage it, but there’s
nothing as portable as a piece of paper. It doesn’t take fi ve minutes to boot up
before you can read it, either. One of the advantages of having your address book
on the computer is that you can print it in different ways and make multiple
copies. You could print a copy for everyone in your household, and print a new
version whenever there are signifi cant updates (no crossing out required!). And you
can do things like fi lter the city to Birmingham and print that, so you’ve just got
the numbers you need when you visit the city.
Printing in Excel is a bit more complicated than it is in Word because Excel
documents tend to be quite wide and are often created to be read on screen.
Setting up your printing options
Click the Page Layout tab to open the ribbon shown in Figure 4.14. Although the
printing options in the backstage area (Offi ce 2010) and behind the Offi ce button
(Offi ce 2007) are different, the Page Layout tab is the same in both versions
of Excel.
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