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Printing your address book
Figure 4.14
There are a lot of different controls on this ribbon, but most of them you can safely
ignore. There are a few that can be important, though:
Orientation: this controls which way up the paper is. For your address book,
you will most likely want to change it to landscape (wider than it is tall).
Print Area: if you only want to print part of a spreadsheet, you can use this
option. First select the area you would like to print on your spreadsheet, and
then click the Print Area button. From the menu that opens, click Set Print
Area. The area you’ve defi ned will be marked on the spreadsheet with a
dashed line and when you print, only that part will come out. When you’ve
fi nished, come back to the Print Area button, click it and choose Clear Print
Area from the menu.
Print Titles: if your print-out is going to cover multiple printed pages, you
can repeat the headers at the top of every page. Click Print Titles and a menu
opens. There is a box for you to specify the rows that should be repeated at
the top of each page. In this box, enter 1:1. This means print rows 1 to 1 at the
top of every page. (If you had two rows of headers, you would use 1:2.) For
this spreadsheet, I also recommend that you repeat columns A:B as well, so
that the contact names print on every sheet. That way, if your phone numbers
or other information come out on a separate sheet of paper, you can easily
match them up with the names. Excel will put a $ sign before each row or
column reference here if you go back to edit it, but you don’t need to bother
with that.
Width: you can ask Excel to scale your address book so it fi ts on one page
wide, reducing the text size to make it fi t. To do this, change the Width
pulldown menu from Automatic to 1 page.
Gridlines: the gridlines you see on screen aren’t printed unless you tick the
box beside Print underneath Gridlines. If you print these, it can make it much
easier to read across from the name to the phone number without slipping
into a different row by mistake.
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