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How did you get on with your fi rst Excel project? Let’s fi nd out with a short quiz.
There might be multiple right answers.
1. Imagine you’re making a spreadsheet
to plan your garden planting. One
cell says ‘tomatoes’ in it. On the
same row, you might see:
(c) Whether they’ve paid their subs or not
(d) Email address
4. After typing something into a cell,
you can move to the next one in the
same row by pressing:
(a) The month to plant tomatoes outside
(b) The price of tomatoes
(c) The word ‘onions’
(a) Enter
(d) The header ‘vegetables’
(b) Tab
(c) Cursor right
2. In that same spreadsheet, in the
same column as ‘tomatoes’ you
might see:
(d) Cursor down
5. If you want to clear the contents of a
cell, click it and then:
(a) The month to plant tomatoes outside
(b) ‘Runner beans’
(a) Press the Delete key on the keyboard
(c) ‘Onions’
(b) Press the Delete button on the home
(d) The price of tomatoes
(c) Press Esc
3. A spreadsheet for your local
gardening club might have one column that
(d) Press the Backspace key
(a) Full name
(b) Postcode
– a and b. And not just because tomatoes are technically fruit! Q1
– b and c – b, c, and d – b and c – a or d Q5
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