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Starting your holiday spreadsheet
Every holiday is different, and I’ve kept the spreadsheet simple here. You might have
multiple modes of transport, different sites to visit and a lot more costs to factor in.
I haven’t got into the nitty gritty of budgeting for sun cream and ice creams, either;
if I tried to add in everything, the project would become confusing (and both of
those items are so important for a successful holiday that I doubt you’d forget them).
Nevertheless, you can use my holiday plan (download it at ) as a
template for your own, and embellish it to make sure it’s comprehensive.
Starting your holiday spreadsheet
Come into the lab. There’s a lot of experimentation involved when you’re using
Excel. It’s extremely rare that you’ll start out with a vision in your mind of what the
whole spreadsheet will look like. As you enter each piece of information, you’ll
probably think of another piece that needs to go in somewhere else. It doesn’t
matter. If you tried to plan every spreadsheet in your head fi rst, or even on paper,
you’d go mad. You’d probably be too confused to start. The whole point of Excel
is that you can make it up as you go along, and build new parts of the spreadsheet
as you need them. In Chapter 4, you saw how easy it is to add a row or a column
into Excel and how you can cut and paste cell content from one part of the
spreadsheet to another. So if you need to move something around to accommodate
something else, it doesn’t matter. That’s the right way to use Excel.
We’re going to France for our holiday. Most of the time we’ll be based in a hotel
in town but we’re also planning to spend one night in a treehouse on a camp site.
We did it once before and it was fabulous. Here’s the information I have to hand
for my holiday:
How much the taxi is going to cost us to and from the airport in France (estimated).
How much it costs to stay in the Hotel Pierre in the centre of town each night.
How much our treehouse retreat will cost for a night.
The cost of car hire per day.
All these fi gures are in euros. I’m also going to budget 30 euros per driving day for
petrol, and 30 euros per ticket for the two of us to go to a concert.
I’m not sure how long we can afford to go for, though. Hm. I wonder if Excel can
help me to work that out?
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