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Calculating the quantities
You can perform other calculations with Excel, of course. In school, you probably
used an x to represent multiplication and ÷ for division, but you don’t use these in
Excel. The x might get confused with a letter and the division symbol isn’t on the
keyboard. Instead, you use an asterisk (*) for multiplication and a forward slash (/)
for division. Table 5.1 provides a quick summary.
Table 5.1 Maths operators in Excel
=B1 + 5
=B1 - 1
=B1 * 3
=B1 / 2
Note the direction of the slash used for division. The other one won’t work (I
don’t even want to put it in your head by writing it here!). If you get an error
message in a division formula, check you have the correct slash before you
check anything else.
Entering the other quantity formulae
There are two other quantity formulae we need to calculate. The fi rst is to
calculate the number of car hire days. We’ve decided to rent a car for half our trip. The
other formula is the number of days of petrol we need to budget for.
If you don’t want to know the answer, look away now! Why not try entering
these formulae yourself before I reveal the answers?
Our car hire days will be half of our trip length, so the formula for this is:
=B1 / 2
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