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Calculating the total cost for each item
Once you have completed the formula by hitting the Enter key, cell E4 will show
a value of 100, which is what we would expect if we multiplied 50 by 2. Excel
will also format the answer in euros. If we learn that our taxi estimate was too
expensive, we can change the value for the taxi price, and the total euro cost will
recalculate automatically.
Copying the total cost formula
All the cells in our total cost column are going to use the same pattern: they’re
going to take the value of the cells in columns D and B on the same row, and
multiply them. Excel is smart enough to recognise the pattern, which means we
can avoid having to type in a formula for each one of these cells separately.
After you’ve entered the formula for cell E4, put your cursor on it and use CTRL+C
or the copy icon on the ribbon to copy the cell. A dotted line will animate around
the outside of the cell so you can see where you’re copying from. Select all the
cells you want to paste into. One way to do that is to click the fi rst cell you’d like
to paste into, hold the mouse button down, and move your mouse pointer down
the screen until all the cells are selected, as shown in Figure 5.5.
Click the Paste button on the ribbon or use CTRL+V, and the correct formula will
be entered into every selected cell. If you’re not sure whether it’s worked or not,
do a quick sanity check on the easier calculations to make sure it looks correct.
Figure 5.5
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