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Calculating the total cost for each item
How has this worked? You’ll see that Excel has changed the formula as it has
copied it. As it moved down each row, Excel changed the row reference in the
formula before pasting it. The formula was taken from row 4, but when it was pasted
into row 5, Excel changed all the references from row 4 to row 5. This ensures that
the total euro cost in row 5 is based on the price and quantity cells in row 5. Click
on the total euro cost cell for row 5, and you’ll see the formula is:
=B5 * D5
Excel made these changes for each row you pasted into, as you can confi rm by
looking at the formula for those cells.
A quicker way to copy
If you’re copying into cells next to the cell you’re copying from, as we are here,
there is a quicker approach you might want to try:
1. Click on the cell you want to copy from.
2. Hold down the CTRL key.
3. Click the bottom right corner of the cursor so that it turns into a small plus sign.
4. Hold down the mouse button.
5. Move the mouse pointer to select the cells to paste into.
When you release the mouse button, the contents of the fi rst cell will be copied
into the selected cells. The formulae will be modifi ed as they are with normal
copy and paste.
If you don’t hold down the CTRL key, Excel does a ‘series fi ll’. In this case,
you might not spot a difference. But if you enter ‘January’, Excel will put the
other months in turn into the cells. You can also put a number in one cell,
another underneath it, and then select both cells. If you then follow steps 3
and 4 above, Excel will complete the sequence of numbers for you.
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