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Converting the currency
4. Hold the mouse button down and move the mouse pointer until you have
selected all the cells you want to total.
5. Type the close bracket .
6. Press Enter, Tab or a cursor key to confi rm.
You can also select the cells to sum using the cursor keys. After step 2, press the
cursor keys to move to the start of the range, press full stop, move to the end of the
range, and resume at step 5.
The cell will now show the total of the cells you selected.
To avoid confusion, it’s a good idea to format the total with a different colour of
cell and a bold font. If you insert more rows between those you’re summing, their
values will be added to the total too.
If your spreadsheet is well structured (as this one is!) you can just click on an
empty cell at the bottom of the column or end of the row and click the
Autosum button indicated in Figure 5.7. Excel will select the range automatically,
and you can just press Enter to confi rm or Esc to cancel.
If you want to work out the total cost in euros, you can copy the formula you’ve
entered for pounds into the column to its left. Excel will change the column
references as it copies the formula into a different column, so that it still totals the
fi gures above it.
There are some other functions you can use in the same way as the SUM function.
AVG takes the numbers in a range of cells and works out the average for you.
COUNT will count the number of cells in a range that contain numbers (including
any calculated by formulae), and COUNTA will count the number of cells in a
range that aren’t blank.
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