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Protecting your privacy with encryption
To work out how many days there are until you go, you just need to subtract
today’s date from your departure date. That doesn’t make much sense to humans,
but Excel can work it out. Refer to Figure 5.9 as you follow these steps:
1. Insert four blank lines at the top of your spreadsheet, using the same
technique as you did earlier in this project.
2. Write the label ‘Departure date’ into cell A1, and type your departure date
into cell B1 using a format like 15/10/2010.
3. On the next row down, write a label of ‘Today’s date’ in cell A2.
4. In cell B2, enter =TODAY() . This is a special function that automatically puts
today’s date into the cell. Every time you open the spreadsheet, it shows the
current date.
5. On the next row down, write a label of ‘How many days to save up!’
6. In cell B3, write the formula =B1-B2 . This subtracts today’s date in cell B2
from the date of the holiday in cell B1 and puts the answer into cell B3.
Figure 5.9
Cell B3 will now count down to your holiday every day you open the spreadsheet.
It will automatically adjust the number of days left if you change your departure
Protecting your privacy with encryption
Although this particular example contains basic and generic information, you
may choose to include more detailed or personal information alongside the fi
gures (for example, the username and password for your online fl fight booking). If
you decide to do this then you should consider adding some additional security
to your Excel document.
To stop any prying eyes, you can put a password on your document. This will stop
anyone who doesn’t have the password from opening the fi le.
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