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Copying your budget into your itinerary in Word
Copying your budget into your itinerary in Word
If you need to coordinate the family, or even just want to make sure you’ve got all
the information on your holiday organised for yourself, you might want to write
an itinerary you can take with you. This might include details such as the location
of the hotel, some maps and important phone numbers. You might also want to
incorporate your holiday budget into that document. Excel isn’t a good tool for
creating text-heavy documents, though, and it’s a distraction to have information
in different fi les. The solution is to use Word to create your itinerary, but add in
your information from Excel. It’s easy to do. Here’s how:
1. In Excel, select the cells you would like to copy. You can use the Select All
button (see Figure 4.5), or select just the cells you’d like to copy. You probably
don’t need the length of the holiday, for example, or the countdown.
2. Click the Copy button on the Home ribbon or use CTRL+C.
3. Go into your Word document. Place your cursor where you would like to add
in your spreadsheet.
4. Press the Paste button on Word’s Home ribbon or use CTRL+V.
Your spreadsheet will now be added into your Word document, so you can write
at greater length and easily insert pictures above and below it to create your
complete itinerary, as shown in Figure 5.10.
When you take information from Excel to Word like this, you’re only taking what
you see on screen, not the formulae. Word can’t do any of the clever maths
crunching that Excel is so good at, so the date countdown won’t update itself and
if you change one of the numbers, it won’t affect any cells that depend on it. If you
need to make changes to the content, it’s a good idea to make them in Excel and
then copy the spreadsheet across again.
In Word, your spreadsheet is formatted as a table. If you need to remove it again,
follow these steps:
1. In Word, click anywhere on the spreadsheet you’ve pasted in.
2. On the ribbon, click the Table Layout tab underneath where it says Table Tools
in yellow on the right. You can see this on Figure 5.10.
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