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Chapter 6: Creating personalised party invitations using Excel and Word
personalised party
invitations using
Excel and Word
Equipment needed: Computer (desktop or laptop) running
Microsoft Word 2010 or Microsoft Word 2007, and Microsoft Excel
2010 or Microsoft Excel 2007 (see Introduction).
Skills needed: Ability to use a computer keyboard and mouse (or
trackball). Familiarity with laying out documents in Word and
managing your address book in Excel (see particularly Chapters 3 and 4).
Whether you’ve cautiously fi led a copy of your letters to the bank (see Chapter 1),
plastered the town with posters (see Chapter 2) or become a press impresario with
your own newsletter (see Chapter 3), you’ll know that one of the key advantages
of using a computer is that you can print as many copies as you like of each
document. You can happily leave the printer churning out posters or newsletters until
it’s time for you to go to bed or the cartridge runs out (which will probably be
sooner). Each copy will look as good as the fi rst, which can’t be said of
handwritten documents. I wonder whether people whose surnames begin with Z ever
receive Christmas cards they can decipher.
What happens if there are minor variations in the documents you want to print,
though? Scribbling additions or corrections onto the printed page makes it look
unprofessional and is time consuming. It isn’t much quicker to revise the
document for each recipient in Word before printing it, either.
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