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Creating the standard invitation
real names are added later. I’ve also included the details about dinner to make
sure they fi t, even though not everyone will see them on their invitation. Figure
6.1 shows my invitation.
Make sure your design can accommodate all the information that will be
added later. It’s going to get messy if you fi ll all the space available, and
forget about the optional additional content that only some people will see.
To create the invitation, you’ll need to use your skills from the fi rst three chapters.
If you want a quick refresher, here are the steps I used to create my invitation:
1. Start a new Word document, and save it. (You didn’t need to be reminded to
save this time, I’m sure!)
2. In the Page Layout ribbon, change the page orientation and size to what you
need. I’m going to print my invitations on A5 paper, which is half the size of A4.
I’m also going to use a landscape layout and I’ve changed the margins to be
narrow, because the normal setting takes up too much space on a small page.
3. On the Insert ribbon, insert a Picture. I’ve stretched my photo to fi ll the page
because I will be able to put my text on top of the large area of sky. If you don’t
have a picture with blank space like that, insert your picture and then move it
and resize it so that it only takes up half the page. You can use the other half
for your text.
4. On the Insert ribbon, insert a text box. Use a simple text box, and move it to
where you would like your text to go. I’ve put mine on top of the blank area
of my photo, and I’ve stretched it so it covers the right half of the page. I’ve
also made it transparent by changing Shape Fill to No Fill, and changing
Shape Outline to No Outline in the Drawing Tools tab (or Text Box Tools tab
in Offi ce 2007). (If you can’t see the tab, click the text box.) On Figure 6.1,
you can see the boundaries of my text box.
5. Add in the text of the invitation. Don’t forget that you can use Shift+Enter to
start a new line without having paragraph spacing between the lines.
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