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Selecting which rows of your spreadsheet to use
Selecting which rows of your spreadsheet to use
Often, you won’t want to use every row in your spreadsheet. I only want to send
an invitation to people who live in London, for example. Again, Word’s language
is very specifi c to mailings here because we have to use the Edit Recipient List
button. This is really about choosing which rows in your spreadsheet will be used.
If you don’t want to create a customised document for every row in your
spreadsheet, you need to ‘edit recipients’ in Word-speak, even if your
project doesn’t involve posting anything.
Click the Edit Recipient List button (indicated in Figure 6.6) on the Mailings
ribbon and you will see your address book details in a new window, also shown in
Figure 6.6. You can’t edit your data here (such as fi xing spellings), but you can sort
and fi lter it, using controls that are a bit like the fi lters in Excel. For example:
You can click a header, and the data will be sorted according to that header.
Click the Last Name header, for example, to sort the data alphabetically by
You can click the black triangle on a header to open a menu with fi ltering
options. This menu shows you all the entries in that column. If you click on
one (such as ‘London’), the data will be fi ltered so that only people who live
in London will be used. The black triangle will turn grey to show that a fi lter
is active. Choose (All) from the menu to switch off the fi lter. You can’t fi lter on
columns where the data is too varied, such as surname or postcode.
If your doctor or bank manager has ended up in the list by mistake, you can
exclude them by clicking the tickbox beside their name to clear it. To change
your mind, click the tickbox again to bring back the tick.
For most projects, including our invitations, these fi ltering options provide all the
control you need. In my case, I just need to fi lter the City to London to select my
invitees. If you’re not interested in anything more complicated for now, feel free
to skip to the next section.
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